Pemba Sherpa,
Restaurant Owner – Sherpa's Adventurer Restaurant, Boulder, CO

Pemba SherpaPemba Sherpa grew up in the Everest region of Nepal, in Sewangma, a picturesque hillside village of hand-made stone houses. As a child, he lived without the modern-day conveniences of electricity, plumbing, running water, or pavedroads. At 16, Pemba began working in the Himalayan tourism industry as a professional mountain guide. After several years of full time guiding, he developed a strong curiosity for the West, which was fulfilled through a visit to the US in 1991. He found in the Colorado Rockies the same beauty he had grown up with and decided to make Colorado his home. He has lived here ever since. Pemba is an accomplished mountain pilot and lifelong avid adventurer he; ran a 5K race in 15 minute; 17seconds, ran up and down Mt. Kilmanjaro in one (1) day, and competed in world-class ice climbing in Ourary, Colorado!

Pemba started an adventure guiding company,Sherpa Ascent International in an effort to reestablish contact with his home country and share Himalayan Mountain’s majestic environment, and colorful culture with westerners.  Since 1991, Pemba’s returned to Nepal for trekking, climbing and volunteer service trips, and has had the pleasure of guiding over a thousand visitors in his beloved "Himalayan Kingdom."  Pemba has guided over 42 trekking trips to the Himalayas in the past 20 years. He loves to bring people to the majestic mountains and ancient cities of Nepal, much of which is off the beaten tourist path, and introduce people to his friends, family, and the Colorado Sherpa culture.

Pemba opened Sherpa Adventurer Restaurant to bring the experience, adventure, and taste of the Himalaya to each patron. Pemba’s active lifestyle and dedication to enjoying the outdoors influences the meals – each meal is made with fresh ingredients from traditional recipes – many from Pemba’s own family. Each meal is cooked individually with only the fresh natural ingredients, and the level of spiciness adjusted to your individual preferences. The restauranttransports you to Nepal through the numerous scenic mountain photos, hand-made artwork and textiles, as well as outdoor adventure gearwhile listening to traditional Nepalese music.

Pemba’s has a strong passion for sharing outdoor adventures and so Sherpa’s is dedicated to always serving healthy foods,appreciating nature (both here in Boulder and in the Himalaya), while enjoying the company of a great friends, family, and community.  Several of the staff members are Sherpa from Nepal, and everyone at Sherpa’s is happy to share their love and knowledge of the Himalayan Mountains, Sherpa culture, and Nepalese cuisine! 

Enjoy your meal in Boulder’s largest outdoor patio with a view of the flatirons, take a taste of Sherpa Ale (a locally brewed beer), or peruseour in-house articles and library for information and photographs of the Himalaya, Sherpaculture, rock climbing, running, camping, and outdoor adventure!  Pemba is often at the restaurant and is happy to answer any questions you have about Nepal, Sherpa culture, or our fresh authentic Nepalese meals. Pemba and everyone at Sherpa’s Adventurer Restaurant is dedicated to making your meal and dining experience authentic, delicious, and enjoyable! We look forward to seeing you soon!