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New York Times
"Namaste, and Pass the Nann" Jan 30 2004

Eating at a restaurant run by a world class mountaineer may conjure up images of spartan food served in freeze-dried pouches. That is hardly the case at Sherpa's Adventures Restaurant and Bar, whose owner, Pemba Sherpa, grew up in the shadow of Mountain Everest and has been a professional guide in Nepal since 1986....

"Mark Burnett, eat my dust!" Jan 2003

"PASS THE YAK BUTTER Craving a plate of momos, those Tibetan dumplings you scarfed on your last expedition? You are in luck, Veteran Himalaya guide Pemba Sherpa...

Los Angels Times
"Sherpas peaking in the Rockies" Nov 28, 2010

Hardy mountaineers from the Himalayas are making new conquests in the U.S. and few have capitalized on it more than 38-year-old Pemba Sherpa. "When I came in 1990 I was the only Sherpa in town," he said, sitting inside Sherpa's........

Chicago Tribune
"Prospects climbing for the Sherpas of Boulder" Dec 2, 2010

Boulder Colo, The kitchen was hopping orders flying from every direction, and Jangbu Sherpa was smack in the middle, deep frying samosas.....Sherpa stayed cool, never breaking a sweat. And why would he? He's reached the summit of Mount Everest 10 times...

Daily Camera
"All in one restaurant" Oct 23, 2002

Picture and inspired setting, full of trekking memorabilia, amazing photos of ascents in Nepal and Tibet, and a library of books on other adventures around the globe. Mix that with healthy, freshly prepared cuisine based on Indian, Nepali and Tibetan recipes...

Daily Camera
"Restaurant Business” 2002

Boulder's Pemba Sherpa, a 15:17 5K runner was born in the Everest region of Nepal, has taken over the building formerly housing Nancy's and opened "Sherpa's"....

Colorado Daily
"Low O2 and High Aspirations" Mar 7, 2006

Besides being slightly short on oxygen, there's not a lot we're lacking here in our "Boulder Bubble", especially when it comes to creative cuisine...How about servers who have all climbed Mount Everest?....

Boulder Weekly
"The high life" July 19-25, 2007

Sherpa's Adventure Restaurant and Bar occupies a unique niche in Boulder's culinary firmament. Appealing to adventures both armchair and actual, this converted Walnut Street house comes complete with climbing-axe door....

"Best Taste of Nepal"

Owner Pemba Sherpa -native of Nepal who grew up in the shadow of Everest and made his living as a mountain guide before settling in Colorado- wanted to create a "traveler's lounge" a place where climbers and adventures.....

5280 The Denver Magazine 2008
Ever since 2002, when Everest guide Pemba Sherpa opened his Himalayan restaurant in a cozy old Victorian in downtown Boulder, locals have gathered to trade mountain tales and enjoy hearty Tibetan, Nepalese, and Indian...

Xplore, "A long, hard climb" (Fort Collins Paper)

The Gazette, (Colorado Spring Paper)

Avanti o pop magazine (largest European magazine)